May 072012

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This week Hooligan and 8one6 sit down for a brief discussion of Fantasy Flight’s Warhammer 40k RPG Deathwatch. We touch on the fluff, the mechanics, and rant a bit about Games Workshop. This episode clocks in at about 30 minutes.

Feb 272012

Recorded all the way back in January, Slacker joined Hooligan, WDR and I to discuss everything geek that we’re looking forward to in 2012. This episode clocks in at just over an hour.

A quick correction, we mentioned Far West, but couldn’t quite remember the name. It is indeed Far West.

Apr 252011

For this week’s bonus podcast Hooligan and Slacker join WDR and I in discussing the UnderDiscussion Shameless Self Promotion Tour we recently took where we visited the major gaming stores in the Kansas City metro area. We braved outrageous gas prices and the perils of an all you can eat Italian buffet to spread the good word about UnderDiscussion to some stores that had previously exceeded our usual gaming commute. We talk about how we feel that local stores are vital to the hobby. All and all I would say that we had a really good time on the trip, met a lot of friendly game store owners and most of us walked away with gaming stuff we had been looking for. This bonus episode clocks in at around seventeen minutes.

Also, I would like to remind you that we are currently running a contest to give away an IronDie basic set of metal d6’s. All you need to do to get an entry in the hat is like our facebook page (there’s a convenient like button in the sidebar of the website, but if, for some reason you can’t see it here’s a link.) If you want to improve your odds all you need to do is get your friends to like the facebook page and mention that you were the one who referred them with the phrase “[your name] said I would gopher this.” You still have until the end of April 29th for everyone to get signed up.

IronDie green metal dice

In order of visitation we went to:

The Basement – Games and Hobbies in the Zona Rosa shopping center. I took a few pics of some sweet converted Warhammer 40k orks there.
Looted orc truck Not your typical orcs Not your typical orcs
Not your typical orcs Not your typical orcs Not your typical orcs

31st Century Games & Hobbies in Olathe, KS

Tabletop Game and Hobby in Overland Park, Ks

Big City Comics and Games in Kansas City, Mo (This is a correction from the podcast, Big City is on the Missouri side of State Line Road.)

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Wizz by Bob Wizman

Apr 242011

So as some of you may know, I’ve gotten into playing Warhammer 40k. The army I chose I think really captures my inner cheeseball nature. No, not orks, I’m playing Necrons. My friends sold me on the army with two words, “zombie robots.” I’ve got a game under my belt with them, they’re assembled, but they’re still that games workshop plastic gray.

Baseline gray

The baseline gray necron, for comparison

Looking around at the different color schemes that people have been painting their necrons, I’ve decided that the drybrush silver on black had been done to death, so again, befitting my nature as a cheeseball, I’ve decided on a color scheme for my necron army: Sunshine!

Very Yellow

The pic is a little fuzzy, but you get the idea.

I would like to point out that this is, in fact, the first mini I’ve ever primed. I’m using that as an excuse if this looks like crap to anyone who’s been doing this for longer than a week. I’m going to bring these down to paint night at the FLGS and ask the people who know what they’re doing if this looks decent and if not what I’m going to need to do differently. If everything looks alright then I’m going to prime the rest and start doing in with some bright orange and florescent green.

Paint night at Pulp Fiction Paint night at Pulp Fiction Paint night at Pulp Fiction Paint night at Pulp Fiction

The guys at paint night, being all competent and stuff.

Below are the rest of the necron images I took for this post, including a picture of the saddest destroyer.

The Saddest Destroyer High Contrast Side by side very yellow

Apr 182011

Ladies and gentleman, I am proud to present the UnderDiscussion One Year Anniversary episode! I want to thank you all for your support and for listening to us this past year. When I suggested to WDR that we should do a podcast he thought I was crazy and that no one would ever listen to us. It’s a year later, we have 38 episodes released, we’ve have reviews and interviews and last month we had our first episode to go over a thousand unique downloads! So if we’re crazy, then we’re crazy like a fox!

This week Nockergeek, Slacker, and Hooligan join us with new guests Hida Man and Dennis to discuss a bit about the tabletop wargame Warhammer 40k. We also announce our IronDie giveaway and a spinoff podcast!

“What’s that?” you say, “What are these ‘IronDie’ you are referring to?” IronDie are solid metal dice made in Italy and we’re giving away a base set of the nine different shapes! What to learn the details? Then listen to this week’s episode!

Logo for IronDie

IronDie, made in Italy, won by you!

8one6 & WDR pose for the UnderDiscussion IronDie Giveaway IronDie green metal dice

The contest will run through April 29th 2011 (we plan to do the hat draw and the winner announcement recording on April 30th.) The winner will be announced on the May 2nd episode of UnderDiscussion.

We are also announcing Preferred Enemies, a Warhammer 40k podcast hosted by the Undergopher’s own Nockergeek, Slacker & Dennis! They recorded their first episode this week. Head over, give it a listen, and let them know what you think!

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Wizz by Bob Wizman

Jul 202010

Sorry this is so late but last week family issues got the better of my writing time.  So this will not be a thorough report, just my impressions of the battle.

I finally got in a battle with my Space Marine army. Last Monday, being a holiday, some of us got together to play some 40k. The evening began with a epic team battle which featured Nockergeek and Hooligan joining their Tau forces against the might of the Tyranids commanded by Dennis and Slacker. Despite a strong start the Tau were unable to handle the ravening horde of ‘Nids and went down in defeat.  Following that epic struggle, Dan and I took our Codex Marine armies to the field against each other.  We started late and only made it through turn 4.  With each of us in possesion of two objectives, the game was a draw.

I now know why other folks gripe about Space Marines.  They are hard to kill and our battle developed the feel of guys in armor throwing rocks at each other. Due to bad rolling on both our parts the shots that hit had trouble wounding and getting penetration on vehicle armor was difficult at best.  For instance, between us there were 6 or so missile launchers on the table and in four turns they only produced 2 or 3 casualties.

The  lesson I took from this game was the standard Space Marine Codex is very versatile. Dan runs a foot slogging force heavy on dreadnoughtsand terminators while I run a line of tanks and troops in armored transports.  Same Codex but very different armies. I think both Dan and myself will want to incorporate some aspects of the other’s army into future lists. 

I know that I need to add some better assault elements to my list.  That may require stepping up to 1750 points and I’m aware some folks can’t do that just yet. I also think I stay too stationary and need to take the fight more to the enemy.  I need to take some time with my codex and get to know my troops better so that I don’t have to guess about their capabilities. I’m not sure what I do well and what I do poorly, so I will try to take the time to discuss the game with my opponent to get his impression on those counts.

Jul 052010

This past Friday evening That Damn Punk ran a Deathwatch demo instead of our usual Shadowrun game.  Deathwatch is the third installment of roleplaying in the grim world of Warhammer 40K.  This time you get to play the Emperor’s elite, Space Marines.  Being a Space Marine player in the table top game, I was looking forward to strapping on some Mark VII Power Armour and bringing glory to the Emperor.   We each chose our marines and got down to business.  The demo seemed to be fairly combat heavy but considering that one is playing a member of a Deathwatch Kill Team that is to be expected.  They are not  kidding about the kill part .  Five marines are practically a small army in game terms.  The designers of the game cleverly introduced horde rules to represent large groups, which is good because great bloody swaths were cut by the Marines.  The game does epic battle quite well.  There is also enough room for roleplay.  The game moves fast, or at least it did for us.  It was quite easy to pick up and most importantly we had a ton of fun.  I look forward to the arrival of the rule book so I can really dig into this game.  Assuming that there are no major changes, I can recommend giving this game a try.  And if you can’t wait, then get your own copy of the demo here: