Dec 252012

This week on UnderDiscussion we just let the camera roll so to speak as we continue No-Effort December. All your favorite undergophers (and Brady) are here to discuss anything and everything.
This is also our Christmas episode. Sort of.

This week we blame Steven Spielberg for modern first person shooters, discuss the Vietnam war, Elder Signs (Spoilers: it’s fantastic), Get Bit!, “My Brain is Tau.”, Fantasy Flight games and their rule books  “Go to GenCon, play with the Devs.”, Vornheim, The Saddest Thing Ever, Stargate Fanfic, why webcams are a bad idea, the fact that we are the best podcast on the internet, Tim: upstanding citizen, Preferred Enemies, Brady’s mom, the book episode, Who Wants to be a Superhero, Rob Liefield, Call of Duty commercials, Tim: Timely and Topical, Music videos from the early 90s, Slandering celebrities, Commentary tracks, jokes in poor taste, comedy and censorship, the one book Brady doesn’t have, Dustin gets accused of being a Brony, the cartoons we watch, when tv shows are past their prime, Community, There is no point for any sit-com to have a movie, Squikyness and words that just sound awful.

We manage to stuff all of that into a stocking about 58 minutes long.

Jul 092010

Howdy folks, 8one6 here with a little review. Thanks to developments I’ve been granted a little more free time than I used to have. I’ve been spending the time helping out with the Pulp Fiction move and working on a few personal projects (getting the second draft of the novel knocked out, working on plot hooks for a few games, ect) and also I’ve been watching a lot more tv. How much more you might ask? Good question phantom question asker! You get a cookie and a short review!

Yes folks I’ve watched most of Buffy the Vampire Slayer over the past few days. Specifically I’ve watched all of seasons 1-4 and the musical episode of season 6. Basically the good parts of Buffy. Not to rag on the later seasons, but the show really started to drag after she and the Scooby Gang left High School. I gave the first college season a go because that was the first season that I started watching the show when it first aired. Sure, reviewing an entire series when I’ve only watched little more than a half of it might not be fair, but I seriously doubt that the producers of the show were expecting to make anything other than fast cash with the last two seasons (hell, Buffy dies at the end of season 5 because they expected the show to be over at the time.) so I don’t think I’m doing it any sort of injustice.

Anyway, the first three seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were really good, with a lot of ups and down and the cast shows a lot of emotional growth and character development. It was really good at depicting the life of an average high schooler during the end of the nineties. Well, the average super good looking but still losers anyway high schoolers. You know what I’m talking about. I’m sure that everyone reading this post has been in that position. Oh ya, and fought the forces of darkness from time to time.

The fourth season when they leave high school and go to college is when the show starts to get painful. It’s not bad, necessarily, just that the setup for the season’s big bad was a little flat (though it does answer the question of how the govt couldn’t possibly not know what the heck is going on. Ha Ha, double negative.) The “hidden morals” were a lot less hidden (“Beer makes you a caveman!”) and a few characters were derailed (I’m thinking Xander here for basically being forever glued into the loser box and for the show for ditching Oz midway through the season.) I would only recommend the foutch season if you really wanted to watch something mindlessly entertaining.

The one other bright spot of Buffy was the brilliant musical episode in season six. If you have netflix it is worth adding it to your instant queue just for that episode alone. Don’t watch the rest of that season though, it wasn’t very good. (an example, the big bad for the season are three nerds that had minor recurring roles from the previous seasons. Seriously.)

The first three seasons get a solid recommend, the forth one gets a “meh” and the highlight for season six is the musical episode. Avoid the rest of it like the plague.

Oh, ya, and spoiler alert for that whole season five Buffy death thing.