Oct 232012

This week the Undergophers release the long delayed GenCon Seminar episode: “So You Want To Start A Podcast!” Recorded live in front of an actual audience during the best four days of podcasting, Kat , Dustin, Brady, and Kevin talk about everything we’ve learned in two years of podcasting. In the audience you’ll be able to hear Tambora from Drunk and Nerdy, who manages a couple of good derails at the end.

If you have any other questions that we failed to answer please post them in the comments below.

This episode clocks in at about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Jan 182012

Just a quick little contest that only requires you to answer one question: What’s your favorite episode of UnderDiscussion of 2011? Answer in the comments section of this post. The prize will be a $10 gift certificate to DriveThruRPG. I’ll select a winner at random (using Random.org) next week, so be sure to answer before 11:59am central time on Tuesday Jan 24th 2012.

Jul 082011

So they announced the 2011 ENnie Award Nominees, and UnderDiscussion didn’t make the cut. Part of me wants to be shocked, but we were on a list with about 30 other podcasts so the odds of us being picked were slim at best.

I see this as a challenge. I would have been surprised if we had managed to get nominated our first year, but there was no reason not to try. We’ll just have to spend the next year becoming a better podcast.

I would like to hear from the community any comments they have on UnderDiscussion: good, bad, or otherwise. If you have a reason you listen, if you have a reason you don’t listen, favorite episode, least favorite eposide, why we suck, if we should include more of WDR’s patented curmudgeon rants, anything.  Leave a comment here or on the thread on RPG Table Talk.

May 292011

So, two bits of news. First: You may have noticed a few logos near the bottom of the sidebar, those are for a couple of blog networks that Undergopher Central has joined to spread the the fun that is UnderDiscussion.

The RPG Bloggers Network has been around for a while, we got accepted to that a few weeks ago.

RPGpodcasts.com is exactly what it says on the tin, a listing of RPG podcasts and aggregator. UnderDiscussion got listed a few weeks ago, making us totally legit!

The Game Night Blog Carnival is a neat idea where RPG blogs go slightly off topic the last Tuesday of the month and do a board game reviews. There are a bunch of great RPG blogs participating and WDR will be handling those posts for Undergopher Central.

The RPG Blog Alliance is a new RPG blog aggregator and aims to be more of a great starting point when looking for RPG related material and also develop an RPG blogging community. That actually leads me to fun bit of news number two:

UnderDiscussion now has a forum!

That’s right, thanks to the RPGBA’s official forum we now have a forum to discuss UnderDiscussion, and because it’s part of a larger forum that includes other RPG blogs it won’t be “just another forum” that you have to remember, but a great place to interact with the larger RPG blogging community!

Apr 072011

Small bit of news: I’ve pulled episode 1 and 2 from the rss feed. They sound awful and I don’t like the idea of those being the first impressions people get of the podcast. The episodes are still up, just not in the feed.

Mar 312011

two small announcements: 1) I’m currently investigating forum options for the site. 2) There is a very good chance that the podcast may have show notes in the coming weeks. (If it goes the way I hope it goes then it won’t just be for episodes going forward, but the previous episodes as well.)

Is there anything else you guys would like to see?

Feb 082011

Ok, so while working on something today I noticed that the link that each podcast post has to the UnderDiscussion podcast RSS feed was broken on the latest podcast. “That’s odd,” I thought to myself, “I just copy those from the previous podcast.” So I went back to look at the one before it and the link was broken there as well. Turns out that the link is broken all the way back to the episode on fantasy art, but the one before it was fine.

I’m not quite sure how that happened.


Here’s the (correct) link to the UnderDiscussion: The Undergopher Podcast RSS feed.

Follow that and you get every episode as they are released.

Nov 202010

In case you didn’t notice, the end of the year (Nov-Dec) tends to put a damper on everything we do. Posts (and unfortunately it looks like episodes too) are going to be infrequent for a while. We should have something up in December.