Sep 292013

In this high caliber episode we discuss canon, fanon, and if fans have any ownership in the franchises that they love.

Kevin presents this week’s spotlight on the Machete Order.

A link to Brad Wright saying that fans of SG: Atlantis deliberately hurt SG: Universe.

Roberto Orci doesn’t like those mean fans who don’t like his new Trek.

Dec 182012

This week on UnderDiscussion we just let the camera roll so to speak as we kick off No-Effort December. Unlike previous years, this year we’ll actually be putting episodes out in the last month of the year. All your favorite undergophers (and Brady) are here to discuss anything and everything.

This is also our Christmas episode. Sort of.

This week we discuss why Ed McMahon couldn’t run a major sports league, the star wars that might have been, an old shame, that a lot of sci-fi is really mostly just the “fi” part, an awesome superpower, plot holes of the Matrix, Total editorial control, who is Laurence Olivier, reminding you that Star Trek Voyager sucked, Tim tries to make a point about Farscape, States in order of suck, horrible sports team mascots, why tradition is never a good defense, a bad video game, Jean Claude van Damme, apparently there’s a soccer stadium in the kc area, Sporting KC’s unique memorabilia,  hockey playing horses, Adventure Time, and that you should listen to Law of the Geek.

We manage to stuff all of that into a stocking about 54 minutes long.

Jun 262012

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This week on UnderDiscussion Punk shows up again after a long absence to the rest of the Undergophers in the Dream-team Starship Draft. Everyone is trying to put together the ultimate bridge crew on the ultimate starship. This Episode clocks in at 55 minutes.

Mar 032012

Ok, look at this image.

3PO walks in on Chewie

It’s like 3PO walked into the bathroom and was surprised to find Chewie there. Like, what the hell is 3PO doing wandering into the can? He can’t be there to take a piss, and where else would Chewie be brushing his teeth? And Chewie is just standing there, not paying any attention to 3PO at all, so this must be a relatively common occurrence for him. It implies that Han walks in on Chewbaca in the can all the time.

Jun 232010

or Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

So there I was minding my own business, when E3 comes along and has a trailer for The Force Unleashed 2. I decide that I’m interest and begin checking out any info that I can about the game. Deciding that I might pick up the game my completionist tendencies kicked in and said “Woah there. We can’t play the sequel to a game without playing the original. That would just be wrong!” and I said “Where were you when I picked up Fallout 3? Huh smart guy!” Well, during this argument I had somehow managed to purchase the first game on Xbox on demand for about $30 (a little steep for a game that’s been out for two years, but nowhere near the price I would have paid had I bought it new.) Eagerly awaiting the download to finish I fell asleep, because in deciding to not give the 24-hour walmart any money meant that I was going to be here a while. I awoke the next day eager to start the game, wondering how long it would take me to finish it (That Damn Punk and I managed to beat the first Crackdown in shifts in only 14 hours after we picked it up.) Unfortunately I had to go to work. But only 10 hours later I was ripping into Imperials with my light saber and Force blasting the faces off of Jawas.

The game is nothing spectacular. It’s almost a standard sword and sorcery hack and slash except for the setting and the decent story that the game develops as you play. The cinematics are well done, the voice acting is really good for a video game (“You’re a jedi boy, size means nothing to you!” is one of my favorite lines from the game) and the visuals are great. The targeting of your posers is super-wonky, and you’re not going to find all of the hidden prize boxes (I mean holocrons) on your first play through, but it is otherwise a solid game.