Aug 122013

Tips, advice, and pointers are all UnderDiscussion this week! Brady, Kevin, and Dustin share their con-going wisdom for this kickoff to our live coverage of GenCon and The Best four Days of Gaming!

Folks, we forgot to mention it in the episode, but  Be Aware of Physically Challenged Attendees. Every attendee has a right to enjoy GenCon and all it takes is a little patience to make that happen.

Kevin has this week’s spotlight about GW Games Day.

Also, Kat has her own Tips for GenCon, check it out.

Aug 042013

Because it takes a village to level up a child. Or something. This week Brady and Dustin talk about spicing up the Ye Olde Fantasy Village. A few basic tips on making the place more than just a tavern in the woods, making the NPCs more than just “the barkeep,” and waht to do if the players want to stick around in the village. Tis is one of our shorter episodes, but I think we make some good points.

This week’s Spotlight is the podcast THE ESTABLiSHED FACTS and one of their hosts is running a kickstarter.

Jul 242013

Who starts their GenCon stuff three weeks early, Us, that’s who! We discuss out preparation for this year’s GenCon and what we’re looking forward to.  A shout out to Hans Cummings (who has a booth in Author’s Alley) and Brian Patterson (who has a booth in artist alley and who is running another seminar this year)

This week Dustin has the Spotlight to talk about the new Space: 1889 kickstarter.

Aug 102010

Here’s the first set of photos from Gencon. These are from Wednesday or earlier and cover the prep for the trip or the day before the con itself. I’m spreading these out over the next few days. Tomorrow I’ll post the images from the first actual day of the con.
Brightly Colored Shirts The Beholder This looks oddly familiar Lounging

These are just the highlights of what I uploaded to Flickr. There are more on my Flickr page.

Jul 102010

Took a few hours but episodes 10 and 11 are edited, uploaded and scheduled to post on the next two mondays. We already have episode 12 recorded that I need to edit. It’s a discussion about comics with the owner of the friendly local comic shop in lee’s summit. That will be the last episode before the Gen Con Bonanza that we have planned for the first week of August!

“What?” you ask “is the Gen Con Bonanza?”

It’s an entire week of podcasts from the heart of table top gaming: Gen Con in Indy! That’s right, we’re crazy people and we plan to podcast all four days of the con, plus have  bonus podcasts the Tuesday and Wednesday that week. That’s right, six, count ’em SIX podcasts in a single week. I can’t promise that they’ll be long, I can’t promise that they’ll sound pretty, but they’ll be chock full of the gaming excitement that is Gen Con!