Jul 242016

This week is UnderDiscussion’s Gen Con Survival Guide!

Our special Gen Con Tips episode from 2015 can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/underdiscussion/ud201-gen-con-tips-2k15
A post about being aware of physically challenged attendees: https://doctorstrangeroll.wordpress.com/2016/07/25/handicap-awareness-at-gen-con/
The Downtown Indy restaurant Guide is here: https://www.icclos.com/pdf/DTRestaurantsMap.pdf
Gen Con Food Truck schg: http://files.gencon.com/2016.FoodTruckSchedule.pdf

Jun 272016

Avast! This week the Dread Pirate Kat and Tim-beard board the deck of the Undergopher for a swashbuckling discussion of 7th Sea!
If you can’t tell from the title we had so much to say that we’ve broken the discussion into two parts. This week it’s mostly focused on the first edition of the game.