Aug 092016

On the final episode of Gen Con 2016 we sit down with Jason Bulmahn for the traditional Gen Con interview and discuss the final two days of the con as we drive away from Indianapolis like we owe someone money.
The Underdiscussion team hopes you’ve enjoyed this year’s coverage of the best four days of gaming. We’ll be back next week with a few episodes we managed to get recorded before the con.

Feb 272012

Recorded all the way back in January, Slacker joined Hooligan, WDR and I to discuss everything geek that we’re looking forward to in 2012. This episode clocks in at just over an hour.

A quick correction, we mentioned Far West, but couldn’t quite remember the name. It is indeed Far West.

Jan 092012

Welcome to the first episode of the new year and the third calendar year of the podcast. We start things right with an actual episode this year (instead of the bonus boardgame review like last January) with a full house discussion of WDR’s old school style Pathfinder campaign. Kat, Freebird and Slacker join WDR, Hooligan and myself in discussing house rules, adventures, and fun gamer stories from the campaign. We also pimp the Tome of Horrors Complete from Frog God Games. This Episode clocks in at one hour and nineteen minutes.

Nov 142011

This week Kat, Hooligan, Slacker, and Freebird join WDR and myself to discuss, review and play with the new Pathfinder Beginner Box from Paizo. We spend the first fifteen minutes or so is a discussion of the contents of the box, and the adventure starts at around twenty two minutes in. As this is an actual play it’s one of the longer episodes and clocks in at less than two hours.

Oct 222011

Here continues the adventures of the “Antiquarians” in the employ of Uncle Zevis’ Curios and Antiques

When we last left our intrepid adventurers they had just disccovered a strange artifact within the tomb of the Lady of Plagues and had taken it back to Uncle Zevis for identification. After a bit of research he determined that it was Clat’Mmegoghu, a powerful talisman from the age of demons. Known as the “lord of the least” the talisman would allow anyone strong willed enough to command legions of vermin. It was a part of a set of twelve demonically powered talismans long thought to be legend. Uncle Zevis, seemingly driven by the promise of riches, sends his employees to the Library of Korranberg, where he’s called in an old favor to have them copy a rare divination spell from the personal spellbook of a mad, pre-war wizard.

Being the “thrifty” gnome that he is, Uncle Zevis hired the party out as guards on a caravan traveling to Korranberg. Wouldn’t you know it, a group bandits attacks the very same caravan. The party managed to drive off the bandits wile only loosing two of the wagons.

Making it to korranberg, they quickly discover that the specific book they’re looking for is missing, and has been for some time. Investigating the disappearance the group seems to have uncovered a strange conspiracy within the gnomish underclass. Tracking the clues to the a shuttered tavern, they confront a cell of deranged gnomes, recovering the spellbook just as the city guard surrounded the tavern. After a few hours of questioning the spellbook was returned to the library and the party was able to secure a copy of the spell as payment for uncovering the dastardly conspiracy.

Proud of their success (and finding that the caravan didn’t want the party on the return trip), Uncle Zevis sprang for third class tickets on the Lightning rail for their return trip. That’s when things got interesting.