Jun 182010

Just wanted to post a link to the Library of Congress Flickr page. I’ve been following it for a while now and love some of the historic images that they post. 

We live in an age where digital cameras make it trivially easy to share images with the world so seeing pictures from times when it wasn’t so easy to show the world a captured moment is wonderful.

[The grand marina, Capri Island, Italy] (LOC) [John M. Ward, New York Giants, baseball card portrait] (LOC) Learning how to determine latitude by using a sextant is Senta Osoling, student at Polytechnic High School, Los Angeles, Calif. Navigation classes are part of the school's program for training its students for specific contributions to the war effort (LOC) [Bob Burman, race car driver] (LOC) Jim Norris, homesteader, Pie Town, New Mexico (LOC)

May 282010

Here are a few pictures from one of WDR’s recent HERO games. We (The Freedon League) were responding to the theft of nuclear material from a power plant and had to fight a team of Nazi Supervillians in the nearby forrest. We learned an old foe was selling advanced power armor to the highest bidder, but thanks to our mentalist we didn’t have to come to blows with “Bismarck.”
Hero Game Hero Game Hero Game

(The link up top goes to the first image from that night. In the future the Game On! links will just take you to the main set.)