Aug 192016

A post Gen Con special! An episode of our spin off podcast Forced Filmography in the regular UnderDiscussion feed!
In this on topic and in no way lazy use of pre-recorded content, the hosts of UnderDiscussion riff the animated Dragonlance movie.
(Unlike our normal episodes Forced Filmography is unedited and often contains explicit language.)

Mar 242014

Dungeon design in draft format! This week on UnderDiscussion Kat and Tim join us to draft a dungeon. From locations and minions all the way up to the boss and the shiny rewards inside.
After the draft we each detail how we’d run our drafted creations. With Pulp Fantasy, cyberpunk, traditional fantasy, and Lovecraftian steampunk horror we come up with something for everyone!

Nov 192013

This week we have Brian Patterson of d20monkey fame on the show for our first skype interview!
At around the 7 minute mark we abandon all pretense of the interview format and just have a kickass discussion about the Boner Fairy, the d20monkey store, pathfinder card game, coop games, Zombicide, bringing players into roleplaying, Sentinels of the Multiverse, D-day dice is hard, estimated play times, the importance of word of mouth reviews, being positive, playing what you like, 4e d&d, elemental bound wizards in Karthun, realism in gaming, transistor powered roller skates, Dustin’s pun based soda dungeon, the secrets of game mastering, Ghostbusters, Brian finds himself in an abandoned cabin in the woods…, having a southern accent is like herpes, Lost Cities, our favorite games, suspender based games, Gears of War the board game, Smallworld,
Power Grid, “I’ve heard con stories”, d20monkey plans for Christmas, Dustin confesses his undying love for the comic, and the d20monkey adventure game.

Aug 042013

Because it takes a village to level up a child. Or something. This week Brady and Dustin talk about spicing up the Ye Olde Fantasy Village. A few basic tips on making the place more than just a tavern in the woods, making the NPCs more than just “the barkeep,” and waht to do if the players want to stick around in the village. Tis is one of our shorter episodes, but I think we make some good points.

This week’s Spotlight is the podcast THE ESTABLiSHED FACTS and one of their hosts is running a kickstarter.