Aug 192016

A post Gen Con special! An episode of our spin off podcast Forced Filmography in the regular UnderDiscussion feed!
In this on topic and in no way lazy use of pre-recorded content, the hosts of UnderDiscussion riff the animated Dragonlance movie.
(Unlike our normal episodes Forced Filmography is unedited and often contains explicit language.)

Aug 152016

This week we return from Gen Con to tell you how to turn several bad movies into good games! This episode of BM; GG covers Van Helsing, Dukes of Hazzard, Power Rangers: The Movie, A Sound of Thunder, The Spirit, Blankman, Pixels, Steel, In The Army Now, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, and Dragonlance.

Aug 092016

On the final episode of Gen Con 2016 we sit down with Jason Bulmahn for the traditional Gen Con interview and discuss the final two days of the con as we drive away from Indianapolis like we owe someone money.
The Underdiscussion team hopes you’ve enjoyed this year’s coverage of the best four days of gaming. We’ll be back next week with a few episodes we managed to get recorded before the con.