Oct 032014

This week we have another kickass discussion with Brian and Tracy! We start out interviewing them about their latest kickstarter campaign: Karthun: Lands of Conflict (and we get some exclusive info on the Elves of Karthun!!) The discussion also wanders into a wide variety of topics, like d20Monkey 2nd-5th editions, the editions of D&D, Gamma World, the future of Pathfinder, clasic gaming what ifs, the real reason we have a podcast, some really obscure game designers, the ethics of sexting, gizmo, Game designer trading cards, Gen Con, our relative obscurity, the best Flash villain, Kevin and Dustin establish their storygame street cred, a love of crunchy game statistics, Dustin doesn’t quite think in Fate just yet, worshiping Satan, custom gaming accessories, the gamer commune,  and more!

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