Nov 062012

This week on UnderDiscussion we’re joined by both Lance and Kat to discuss fantasy fiction. We mention the awesome site Goodreads, admit that we’re totally the proof of belasaro’s maxim, what we are reading, what he have read, what makes a fantasy novel (and what we think makes a good fantasy novel) and we finish up with our assigned reading list.

The Undergopher Summer Reading List

This episode clocks in at about 49 minutes.

  • Theblack

    I would really like to recommend The Black Company by Glen Cook it was something you guys had not mentioned and it is one of my favorite series. Its one of those books i fear is a lot better then it sounds like in the description and it only gets better from the first book. 

    •  I have read The Black Company and really liked it. It simply slipped my increasingly fragile mind. That would be my bad.  Thanks for bringing it up. I’m betting there will be a follow up to this episode since there is so much material to cover. I’ll bring it up then.

  • Hans Cummings

    Thanks for the kind words about Wings of Twilight. I actually blushed. I really appreciate it.