Dec 182012

This week on UnderDiscussion we just let the camera roll so to speak as we kick off No-Effort December. Unlike previous years, this year we’ll actually be putting episodes out in the last month of the year. All your favorite undergophers (and Brady) are here to discuss anything and everything.

This is also our Christmas episode. Sort of.

This week we discuss why Ed McMahon couldn’t run a major sports league, the star wars that might have been, an old shame, that a lot of sci-fi is really mostly just the “fi” part, an awesome superpower, plot holes of the Matrix, Total editorial control, who is Laurence Olivier, reminding you that Star Trek Voyager sucked, Tim tries to make a point about Farscape, States in order of suck, horrible sports team mascots, why tradition is never a good defense, a bad video game, Jean Claude van Damme, apparently there’s a soccer stadium in the kc area, Sporting KC’s unique memorabilia,  hockey playing horses, Adventure Time, and that you should listen to Law of the Geek.

We manage to stuff all of that into a stocking about 54 minutes long.