Jul 292015

The fan demanded annual Gen Con car-cast! This year we’ve patched Achievements into the Gen Con experience!

The Secret Fifth Day
Arrive in Indianapolis on Wednesday

The Best Four Days Of Gaming
Play at least one game a day while at Gen Con

Surprise Me
Play something at Games On Demand

Come With Me And You’ll See…
Bring someone new to Gen Con

The Line Must Be Drawn HERE!
Pick up something from the Will Call

No School Like The Old School
Play an edition of a game at least 20 years old

Certified Fresh
Play an edition of a game less than two years old

The Latest And Greatest
Play something premiering at Gen Con this year

Engine Block Tacos
Eat at any food truck at least once

Everything’s Better Tandooried!
Eat at the Spice Box Indy truck

Meals on Wheels
Eat at a food truck every day of the con.

Rock This Town!
Go to a concert while at Gen Con

Let Me Tell You About My Character
Talk to a game designer for at least 10 minutes

Arts & Crafts
Purchase something from both Artist’s Alley and Author’s Alley

X Marks The Spot
Find something in the dealer hall that you’ve been looking for forever

Pretending To Be An Elf For Fun And Profit
Run a game at Gen Con

An UnderGopher Four
Have between 5-8 alcoholic drinks while at the con.

It Comes in Flights
Have a beer flight at the con

Now It’s Just House
Be the last person to successfully order an item at a restaurant.

Let Me Catch My Breath
Schedule two back to back events in different hotels

[Wheezing noise]
Schedule two back to back events in different hotels at least two blocks apart.

Who’s Up For Some Werewolf?
Participate in a pick-up game.

Rock Paper Scissors Vampire Spock
Play in a LARP.

Marxist Utopia
Play in a game that doesn’t uses classes.

[Crude Sexual Innuendo About A System Mechanic]
Play a Collectable Card Game

Hammered and Anviled
Get drunk on Thursday

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
Attend Gencon during a Colts game or Moto GP

As I Was Saying
Resume a conversation from the previous year

This Just In
Podcast or Blog each day from Gencon

Wood for cheap
Get all Catan ribbons from demoing Mayfair Games

Not As Sexy As It Sounds
Get stuck in an elevator

Roll plus Cool
Play an Indie RPG

Fill Me Up Scotty
Get all the dice from Scotty’s Brewhouse

Iron Gamer
Play 40 games at Gencon

Jun 072015

We’re giving away 5e D&D Monster Manuals for gamer Stories!
Episode 200 is coming up and we want your gamer stories!
Record them and send them in, send us an email and we’ll read them on the show!
We’re giving away multiple Monster Manuals (a veratible mash of Monster Manuals) for the gamer stories that end up on episode 200!
Send them in by the end of June!

Also, this episode is our ConQuest 46 recap and then we talk about gaming Robin Hood, but seriously, gamer stories! We wants them!

May 162015

The Undergophers present our suggestions for what to sign up for at this year’s Gen Con! Gen Con Event Registration goes live 5/17!

Below are links to the events we mentioned, you will need to be logged into the Gen Con event system to see the events.

First check out our seminar!

SEM1567950 Starting a Podcast & Sticking With It! Friday at 2:00 PM – 3pm Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn A

SEM1574161 d20Monkey & Dick Jokes 4: An Evening with Brian Patterson Saturday at 6:00 PM – 7pm Crowne Plaza : Victoria Stn A/B

SEM1573811 Getting Started in the Gaming Industry Friday at 1:00 PM – 2:30pm Crowne Plaza : Grand Central Blrm A (unfortunately conflicts with our seminar)

SEM1573810 Exploding Rogue Annual Summit Saturday at 1:00 PM – 2:30pm Crowne Plaza : Grand Central Blrm C

SEM1569466 Hacking in Fiction: The Good, The Bad, & The Bizarre Thursday at 7:00 PM – 8:30pm Westin : Council

ENT1568092 Hickman’s Killer Breakfast 2015 Saturday 9:00 AM – 11am

Games on Demand Running the entire convention Marriott : Marriott Blrm 6 : HQ

The Amorphous Blob Games group always runs fun and fantastic games

The NSDM fast play games are fun

Mammoth Catan

Giant King of Tokyo during the entire show ICC : 143 : HQ

Playtest a New Board, Card, Role Playing or Story Game Running the entire convention ICC : Hall E : Double Exposure : HQ

Gen Con Games Library & Pick-Up Play Room Running the entire convention ICC : 102

They have a game lending library of over 1800 unique titles to choose from

ZED1569581 Guderstein Wedding Time & Cancer Conquering Celebration Friday at 11:00 AM – 3pm Union Station : Grand Hall

ZED1572979 Orc Stomp 5k Fun Run Friday at 6:00 AM – 8am Offsite : NE corner of JW Marriott